Still removing old bits

A coamingectomy pretty well describes the progress over the last few weeks as the coaming has been removed. This will make the new deck covering job easier (for Paul).

Still haven’t heard back from Newport Nautical Timbers. I hope they’re out sailing. If anyone can suggest a source for swept white oak timbers, please let me know. Thanks.

Coaming heights
Before removing the coaming I recorded the heights every six inches. A pattern will be made so that sweet shape is retained.

It starts
Starting to pull the coaming. It had to come out in pieces due to the barbed nail fastenings. You can see the holes made with the shop made drill to cut around the nail heads. The saw cut was at the original joint. When I became her caretaker the joint had warped, thus evidence of the dutchman used to bring the pieces back in line. Let’s hear it for epoxy.

Half done
After a cut was made on the centerline, another had to be made about a foot away. after a bit of chisel and crow bar work the coaming pieces came free. There’s a bit of punkiness right aft that will need excavation and repair.

When I pulled the forward ends of the coamings off there are some spots in the carlin and main beam joint that will need to be addressed. All was expected as I’ve been filling the rot with dutchmen and epoxy for years.

This was a dreaded job but surprised at how easy it came out. The weather was hot these last few weeks; more New Orleans than the Jersey Shore but there was usually a breeze in the shed.

Absent the removal of the jib eye bolts, the deck’s ready for scraping, fairing and sanding. All in preperation for her move back into the wood shop and her new deck covering.

In between Sjogin work, work work and bringing our gardens to a semblance of pre-Sandy bounty, I managed to sneak in a couple of Speedwell sails.

Hove to off the marsh across Stockton Lake. The building is the abandoned Little League field house. It would make a great spot for a community boating center. Perhaps having lots of oar, paddle and sail boats on the Lake would squeeze out the jet skis.

Other news: As some of you know I post on Facebook as well as here. I just created a Facebook page for Sjogin. Here’s the link. I hope to configure this WordPress Blog so the Posts appear on FB as well.

And maybe the frequency of my Posts will increase.


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