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Please sit down….

At long last I’ll be able to say that to our guests. Thanks to Paul’s crafting an idea that I described by moving my hands in the air.  Installation soon!

Come and sit down.



Paul Smith driving Sjogin. 

Once again

Hove to off Swan Point.  Had two fine if slow sails today, the second with Julia.  Seemed to remember how to sail and had to tack around Swan Point in a light easterly with motor boat bobble all over.

Happy Skipper

Your very, very happy Skipper.

Thanks to all who have shared this adventure over the years.  Your patience with my infrequent posting and oh so slow rebuilding progress is deeply appreciated.

Sail slow my friends.

Sjogin III

Apparently there’s enough interest out there that Paul Gartside has designed a 16 foot version of Sjogin.  Here’s a link to the recent article in WaterCraft Magazine.  Truly amazing.  From a neglected boat on the back row at Beaton’s to a seemingly global small boat star.

Let a thousand Sjogin’s bloom.

Deck fittings

Running out of excuses not to go sailing.  Installed the new jib sheet fittings today along with the quarter cleats and the out haul cleat on the boom.

Tomorrow the sails get bent on and I’ll see if I remember how to heave to.


The new jib sheets will go through the fairlead at the forward corner on top of the house and then to cam cleats on the aft corner.  This way there will not be any blocks  or sheets on the deck.



Sandy survivor. This is the simple little block I use to keep the wire halyard off the mast.  It was right where I left it when Sjogin was recovered.


Paul Smith fashioning a Duckboat rudder.  Nice breeze blowing in the window.  Ahhh…..

As promised 

Sjogin’s mast was stepped yesterday after far too long.  I forgot the customary 1985 Bahamian quarter with a local sloop on one face.  A quarter was used yesterday with her traditional coin to be slipped under the mast today.  That should please Poseidon.

Looks like I managed to label the shrouds and stays correctly as everything seems to fit.  The rigging will settle down over time and especially after a few sails.  (Sailing, what a concept.)

Here are a few pics from yesterday:


Remember you can click on the photos for a larger image.

Thanks all for your patience over the years with my slow posting pace.  These new tools will hopefully shorten the publishing schedule.  We’ll see.

Here’s Raven leaving Beaton’s.  Looking forward to seeing a few races this Summer.  Sjogin’s getting rigged tomorrow.  Preparing new halyards and such as I type. (Sort of.)

This is getting easy.

No stopping me now. I added to new WordPress app to my phone (where all the pics are).  Here’s a test Post.

One of the recent Beaton skiffs home for a touch up.

Mary Ann ready for her 91st season.

Will the Bat  be back?  Stay tuned.

Ready to rig.  The BBYRA season starts next Saturday.

Lightning details.
Well, that wasn’t too hard.  More soon.

iPad Posting

this is a test to see if I can post pics directly from my iPad.  If it works you just may see more frequent posts.  I’m also trying Google Photo to serve the pics.

Here’s a recent pic of Sjogin in her slip.  I think Tuesday will be rigging day.


I think it works!

It does work!  Click on the image for a larger size.

Beaton pics next.

What happened to May?

Sorry for the lapse but life sometimes gets in the way of best laid plans. My so called semi-retirement is becoming more like regular work. No complaints here obviously but poor Sjogin slips down the list.

Pics soon I promise. She’s out of the shed and in her usual slip. Works proceeds on the cockpit seats and spars.

Don’t be shocked but we may be sailing in a week or so.

If you can’t wait for pics here, just Google Sjogin and you’ll find all you could ask for.

Thanks all for still watching.

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