Recent Sjogin pics

And the first sail of this year and of new Spring we are supposed to be having.  Too dry and cold so far and precious little sailing water in the Bay.

Sjogin has been taking up nicely with just a slow weep here and there to keep the bilge sweet.  She hasn’t been out in brisk winds yet but she seems as tight as ever.  (Touch wood.)

Enjoy the pics:

Not too much snow and ice this Winter but too little water. And when enough water too much or too little wind. At least the watches down below continued apace while waiting for Goldilocks conditions.

Ready to go.  Always a thrill to go on that first sail after a lay up.

Slipping along nicely with Swan Point ahead.  The higher Charlie Nobel (stove pipe) draws well with very few puff backs once the fire gets going.

Your Happy Skipper at Paul Smith’s new tiller.  Phil Bolger always held a longer tiller made a better helmsman.  We’ll see.

After two failed tries, one to fast and one too slow, I nailed the third. Need lots more practice.

Back in her slip in the inspirational Summer position.  How many times have we seen this view.

Sjogin’s new tiller weathering a bit before final sanding and yes, varnish.  Think I’ll sew a bit of leather on the tiller where it meets the blocks to delay the time when it gets worn and the varnish starts to go.

Snug harbor for the worst of the Winter.

Thanks to Dave, Sjogin now has a solar charger. As a bonus, it plugs into a cigarette lighter/USB receptacle that can be used to charge phones and such.  Modern times.


One of the new books down below this Winter.  Tales of engineless adventures Down East near where I occasionally play with Brother’s boats.


A bit of Bosun’s work making a new strop for the jib tack.

A quiet day at Beaton’s.  Plenty of water but little breeze on deck.

New sounding lead from a Bay legend by way of Paul.  I’ll make this sounding line twelve feet long for deep Bay work.

Now that Spring seems to be slowly making her self known we hope to get out more often and perhaps sail farther afield.  Glad to have you all along for the ride.

Sail slow my friends.  And do write.

For those new here I keep up a public account on Instagram and Facebook that have more frequently posted pics and news.

Mostly Beaton’s pics

Busy Winter in the wood shop.  After Sjogin’s recent refit, the Hankins’ skiff Legend was brought in for the same treatment.  There’s also the elegant rowing skiff awaitng return of the principals to salt water to continue her re-construction.

If you have a project, I’m sure Beaton’s could fit you in.

Here you go:

New tiller for Sjogin by Paul Smith.  Bespoke indeed. 

 And a proper sounding lead for Sjogin from the collection of a local legend.  Thanks Bob.

 Here’s Paul tending to last seasons wear and tear on Myth bits.

 Here’s Paul with Sjogin’s new/old boat hook.  The natural Swamp Maple crook was carved by Phil Clarke in the 1970s.  Long enough to sound my way around Barnegat Bay.  No bottom, no problem. 

 Steaming cedar planks for the new rowing skiff.

The seemingly eternal search for fair enough. 

 Look familiar?   It’s the job made form used to set the curve in Sjogin’s coaming.

 Dave explaining the virtues of the new, larger bilge pump.  

The new skiff .  Plenty of twist forward.

Pleasant sheer.
So this was fairly easy.  Sjogin stuff soon.


New photos

If, for some reason you come here just for a glimpse of a beautiful boat and reasonably taken snaps of our particular place of Earth, then I’ll not disappoint.  I’ve been at this now for more than a decade, reaching folks all over our watery world and now ask for your indulgence if one of the pics below makes reference to current events.

First up is one of Sjogin through a Prisma algorithm.

Given the right photo, the painterly effect works well.

A very shiny Lighting.  Nice off season work.

Here’s another Prisma example.  Some of the algorithms work better than others.  I think this one is called Dallas.

Finally, here is one taken at noon on Election Day.  After the tumult of the past year or so, a quiet sail before voting seemed necessary.

Will we need to find a term to describe the time before that day and the time after?  I hope not.  Patience, good will and manners will see us through to remembering this past Election Day as just another one, a bit of a Black Swan, but none the less one of many more to come.

Your considered comments are welcome.

Sail slow America.

A Cats and a video

I see that once again I’ve managed to allow another month to go by without a Post. But then again here I am with another month’s sailing and having watches below at the dock under my belt. And a straining belt due to said watches below with sausage bread.

Anyway, here are a few recent A-Cat pics as the first races are but four quick weeks away.

And a video to close of a very quiet sail last Saturday, May 14. Surprisingly few boats out.

Raven and Lightning ready for another Season and looking Beaton Fresh. First race is on June 25th. Hope to be back in the water by then after a fresh coat of bottom paint and such.

Myth and Vapor
Myth sporting her Summer Cabin and a very yellow Vapor.

Vapor's next
Vapor’s mast getting ready for raising.

Two Pauls
Another fine varnish job by Paul Smith. Beaton Fresh indeed.

Your very happy Skipper out on a beautiful Saturday morning in the middle of a too cool May.

This and that

Here are some pics from the last few months, especially Beaton’s pics.

A sure sign of Spring: the Garvey afloat and ready for another season.

Homage to Jay Fleming. A very quiet morning last month.

Circa 1991
A quarter Century ago. Fitting the step scarf on Ghost’s coaming/cabin joint. Note my initials on the cork sanding block. Valuable item.

Photo courtesy of W. F.

Model painting
Even the half hull models get a fresh paint job.

Good draw!
Healthy draw from the stove on the Starboard tack. This is a big plus. Extending the bulkhead to the keel helps keep a positive flow.

More to come but I just realized it’s been a month since my last Post. Not much new, just the everyday joys of being able to go “check on the boat” and maybe squeeze in a quick sail or a watch below. Happy Spring all.

Last sail of the year

Took advantage of a break in the weather today to get in one last sail this year. Overcast and about 50 or so with a light southeasterly. Cool enough for a fire and a sizzle. Had the Bay to myself so sitting below was no problem while actually hove to off Swan Point.

Here are a few pics from today and the last few weeks.

Manto to weather
Reaching along the Mantoloking Shore this morning. Hope they all enjoyed it.

Ready to go
Earlier this month waiting for crew. Best late fall/ early Winter sailing yet. Keep it coming.

Reedy Creek
Beating up to Reedy Creek on a very warm December 10th.

Close encounters
Close enough. The Bay was up about a foot or so and fairly clear. Clear enough to get within inches of the marsh edge.

Here’s a new video of sailing along the all too near edge of the marsh on December 10th.

Foggy morning in early December. No wind and little water. A watch below was called for.

Happy Shipper
Your very happy and grateful Skipper.

Well this has certainly been an eventful year with the return of Sjogin sailing in her home waters and her face all over the cover of WoodenBoat.

Thanks all for following along and here’s our best wishes to you gentle reader for a fine New Year.

Back to normal… almost

What joy to be able to say “…going down to Sjogin for a quick visit/pump out/sail.” There have been a number of them since early July, most just sails of an hour or so, running the same old upper Bay circuit. What a lucky so and so.

Paul has installed the the new seats and they are just as I imagined. Next is the cabin sole, battery and bilge pump, limited furnishings and most importantly, the Sardine wood stove.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks or so:

Have a seat!
Do sit down. The bespoke Paul Smith seats are very comfortable and sturdy, matching Sjogin’s robust proportions and just what I had in mind. The cedar slats and teak trim will turn silver with age.

What a treat to be able to step down on a solid surface rather than a loose milk crate with a teak lid. Sorry about all those bruises and such over the years.

Same as it ever was
The classic “last look before you leave the boat” image. Not so very different from the photo taken on October 28, 2012.

Fine view
At ease this morning during a quick visit and pump. In a perfect world Ed Lowe should be in the opposite slip in a similar comfortable position. He passed peacefully this year at age 98 after a full life, well sailed.

Ready to go. Or just back and ready to go again. It’s an embarrassment of riches to be able to lose track how many times I’ve gone sailing since Sjogin’s commissioning in early July.

Ghosting out of Beaton’s, Witch to leeward.

At ease again
Here we are hove to off Sloop Point for a change. Do you see a pattern here?

New coat!
Thanks to the lessons learned from Hervey Garrett Smith’s The Arts of the Sailor
we have a new mast coat. Please don’t look too closely at the cave man stitching.

Beaton’s and other pics to follow. (ed: We’ve all heard that before.)

Recent Beaton’s Pics

I hope this Post makes you happy Peter. Lot’s of activity at Beaton’s this off season from rehabbing a pair of Elco electric launches to a new mast for Ghost.

Little recent work on Sjogin by the yard other than Paul working on her new hatch. When we get near a launch date they’ll finish some details like installing the bow vent and round deck light/prism. The later will make the forward section a lot brighter. Look’s like painting season is upon us.

New Duck
Here’s Tom a few months ago with the new Duckboat. Most of the planking’s on and the deck beams are being fit.

All that glitters
All that glitters is in fact, occasionally, Gold. A few microns of plating make this boat a true “Gold Plater”. The dozen or so coats of varnish show it off nicely.

Lightning in for a bit of paint and varnish. The 100th BBYRA Season starts on June 21st. I plan on seeing a few of them from the comfort of Sjogin’s new cockpit. Maybe even down Bay!

Mystery Tool
Shop made tools like this show up now and then. I think it was used to form a Penguin or Duckboat fitting.

Eight sided
New mast for Ghost by Pete Schell. There are eight sides after glueing up the birdsmouth staves. Astonishing progress. Pete’s made about ten A-Cat masts to date so that should be no surprise.

Old mast end
Here’s the lower end of the old mast. Note how the eight pieces are glued together. A lot more efficient way then in my days at Beaton’s.

16 sided
Here’s Pete planing the mast to sixteen sides.

And then round
And here it is fair and almost ready for varnish.

Landscaping in progress. When done there’ll be picnic tables and enough room to fold sails and such.

Back to Sjogin progress next. Enough Beaton’s pics Peter?

Very minor progress

Beaton’s moved the mast into the shed next to Sjogin and I actually put tool to wood. A few feet of very old varnish was scraped off before your frozen fingered friend was sent running to the wood stove. The varnish is very old; it seems to leap off the mast when touched by a reasonably sharp scraper. Very satisfying work. After scraping, a bit of planning will be done to try and fair up the lumps. Then it’s through the grits with a final 120 grit sanding. Then as many coats of varnish as I can manage. Same for the boom. Scraping lessons freely given.

Slow and steady and it’s down to bare wood. It will take time for the deep color return but well worth it. No signs of rot or punkiness yet. (Types with fingers crossed.)

It's a start
It’s a start. Taken in early January, before the current bout of freezing weather. There’s something to be said for having one’s boat ashore and in a shed in Winters like this one.

Cockpit work!
This is a bit more recent. I figured out the length of the cockpit sole beams and had Paul mill some from his private stock. A needed step in the right direction.

Here are a few more pics to fill out this Post. When the weather turns there’ll be more about Sjogin’s finishing touches and eventual Launch Party.

E-Scow half hulls
Beaton’s made a half dozen new E-Scow half hulls and backboards for club trophies.

Winter fresh marsh
Fresh snow on the marsh behind Beaton’s. There needs to be a bench of some kind at this spot.

Spartina patens
Speaking of marshes, here’s a pic from our own tiny bit of salt water heaven. It’s Spartina patens, common marsh hay, taken in late fall when it turns color a bit.

It's a Nor'estr
This was taken from our beach when one of the recent Northeasters was brewing.