A Cats and a video

I see that once again I’ve managed to allow another month to go by without a Post. But then again here I am with another month’s sailing and having watches below at the dock under my belt. And a straining belt due to said watches below with sausage bread.

Anyway, here are a few recent A-Cat pics as the first races are but four quick weeks away.

And a video to close of a very quiet sail last Saturday, May 14. Surprisingly few boats out.

Raven and Lightning ready for another Season and looking Beaton Fresh. First race is on June 25th. Hope to be back in the water by then after a fresh coat of bottom paint and such.

Myth and Vapor
Myth sporting her Summer Cabin and a very yellow Vapor.

Vapor's next
Vapor’s mast getting ready for raising.

Two Pauls
Another fine varnish job by Paul Smith. Beaton Fresh indeed.

Your very happy Skipper out on a beautiful Saturday morning in the middle of a too cool May.

2 comments on “A Cats and a video”

  1. i’d suggest a little less trim on the jib (too flat) and possibly a little windward jib sheet pressure (to give it the jib a little more pocket/drive) and maybe play w/the jib halyard some, maybe not so tight.

    and you seem to have a hole in the main. perhaps a little rip stop would fix that up.

    otherwise the ship looks great!

  2. Thanks for the tip. As you may have surmised, I’m of the set it and forget it crowd.

    Come for a sail try your trimming skills.

    And thanks for the comment. They’ve been thin on the ground lately.

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