Back from Mystic

for the WoodenBoat Show. Yet another great time with new and old analog and digital friends. Here’s a link to a Flickr Set.

Pierre and Julia
Speaking of digital friends made analog, meet Pierre, a Sjogin fan from France. he recognized me and introduced himself. It’s always a treat when that happens. That’s Olin Stephens Bolero in the background.

And there’s been a bit of progress on Sjogin.

Foredeck work
Managed to get the rest of the toe rail off along with the vent plate and molding around the mooring bit.

and more removing
The mast coat ring and the house molding came off in pieces. The rest of the cabin moldings remain to be removed and then on to the coamings. Before they’re removed I’ll make a template so the shape remains the same. (Except for the 53 year old bumps and humps.)

Nice view
Here’s the view from aboard Sjogin. The Port side’s not too bad but both sides are probably an inch or so lower after decades of stripping, scraping and sanding.

That’s my friend Joe’s boat in the pit ready for another Summer of fun.

Had a consult with Paul Smith this week and Sjogin should be back in the shop in a few weeks for the next round of Beatons (and Paul Smith) magic.

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