Some progress over the last few weeks

Also getting ready for the Duckboat Worlds next Friday. The deck will get a quick scrapping and paint job but that’s about it.

After the coaming came out it was clear that some slab carpentry needs to be done all the way aft and on either side of the forward ends. This was all expected as I’ve been patching those spots for years. All in all nothing too major.

The deck’s been fully scraped and the picking out the loose rust from the iron nails has started. When clean the deck will be roughly planed and faired. The holes will be then filled with epoxy filler to get ready for the next step.

I spoke with Newport Nautical Timbers this week and it seems they may have floor timber stock. Julia and I are heading to Maine in late September and will stop by in Bristol at their timber yard to make a selection.

To make up for the lack of Sjogin pics, there’s some items from Beaton’s and our gardens.

Port side end of the cockpit carlin where it meets the main deck beam. The carlin will be cut back at an angle and a new piece scarfed in place. The deck beam will need to have a piece glued in and a new notch cut to receive the end of the carlin. Some of the deck will need to come off as well.

Other side
Here’s the starboard side. Same problem.

Aft issue
Not too bad here. About a half inch will need to be cut out and a filler piece fit and glued in place. Then I’ll need to recreate the curved bits at the corners.

Clean deck
The deck has been fully scraped and ready for the next stage.

Ghost Busted
Ghost Busted! Sad end to a fine spar. I think they can use one of their older ones to get through the rest of the season.

Duckboat Frenzy!
Duckboat Frenzy! The Worlds are at Mantoloking next Friday the 23rd. Here’s Paul Smith fitting a new splash board. The rest of the yard is busy on Duckboats as well. Some of them needed Sandy repairs.

Fitted the same way it was done a half century ago.

Hibiscus season
Bright morning sun with the Hibiscus in all their glory.

Quiet marsh
A quiet day on Stockton Lake. More Speedwell adventures after the Worlds.

3 comments on “Some progress over the last few weeks”

  1. We live on the south shore of Long Island and suffered major damage to our home in the hurricane. Our boat rode out the storm at the slip, with lines doubled, and did not even sustain as much as a scratch. Our major work finished, we moved back in on March 1. After completing the rest of it – the actual labor and refurnishing the house – I finally sat down and read the last four issues of WoodenBoat and was pleased and surprised when I saw you in the article about onboard stoves! I saw the pic and thought, “that looks like the stove on Sjogin,” then read the caption. Now I am catching up on all the blogs and blogging I missed and so here I am tonight. I’m sorry about your damage, but I’m glad the boat will be back! Good luck with the rest of the work! I’m looking forward to reading about it!

  2. I love your blog and check it faithfully every week . . . always disappointed with the scarcity of your messages!

    more! I want more!

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