Winter quarters for Sjogin

Beaton’s is making great progress in converting the old store and office back to a work shop.  Sjogin will have the honor of being the first boat to use it.  Once in I’ll be able to continue with the removal of the damaged bits and get ready for new planking and deck work.

The mast will come in too so I’ll be able to make good on the oft repeated promise to strip the mast “next year”.  I never striped it so there’s 25 years of varnish to remove.

Sjogin World
Plenty of room for Sjogin and others. A new gas heater’s been installed and there’s AC for the Summer. What joy.

The doors will be wide enough for an A-Cat so the building will get plenty of use.

Old prank
I remember seeing these shoes years ago, before the building was converted to an office/store. I’ll have Tom tell me the story.

She’s nice and dry now. I need to go over her with shop vac to get rid of the last of Sandy’s leavings. Another project is removing the ceiling and sole on the starboard side to get at the damaged planks.

It’s still strange to stick my head in the hole in the bow to take pictures from this perspective.

Prime spruce in a quartet of A-Cat masts.

The Model Room
Upstairs in the new building. Tom said it would make a great Model Room. A few couches and comfy chairs and there you go.

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