Merry Christmas All

Julia and send our best wishes for (what’s left of) a very Merry Christmas and an especially calm 2013.


Sjogin awaits her repairs and is no doubt grateful she doesn’t have to face another Winter icebound. Still weighing options for a temporary shelter and keeping my fingers crossed for some shop time early next year

Sail slow my friends.

5 comments on “Merry Christmas All”

  1. The Fork is the best tool to fight off discontents, wintry and otherwise. Feeding well by the home fire with a daily counting of the blessings. Best of the Season to you Dave.

    And here’s hoping the House of Beaton can bring the promise of Summer sailing to a quite discontented Sjogin.

  2. Happy New Year. curious what is the state of things at beatons? are they “open” and doing business or just repairing damage to the yard. did they loss any stored boats?

  3. Hi Peter,

    Things are getting back to normal at Beaton’s. There were several boats lost and some still in the marshes. The wood shop is slowly geting back to business though the storm of a few weeks ago flooded the machines again.

    How did you make out with Sandy?


  4. we in seaside feel lucky after cruising thru parts of bay head/manto. omg that ocean road is just so sad to see. seaside’s bayfront got good and soaked. any first floor (sidewalk level) upto about central ave will need rebuilding. however the dunes saved the ocean front so all in all ssp fared ok.
    so sjogin will be in the old store space? not the main shed? the main shed still out of commission? didn’t think the store space was so big.
    good luck on the rebuild.

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