Still waiting for shop space

Beaton’s is getting busy with Sandy related work and Sjogin’s on the list somewhere. Hope to have her in the wood shop some time this Winter. I sure do miss my time by her stove and sausage bread sizzles.

If they can’t do the work soon I’m considering bring her to Maine. Maybe even keeping her at my brothers for a bit if done by mid-Summer. That’s always been a dream of mine; to heave to off WoodenBoat in Sjogin and watch the cream of mid-coast Maine sail by. I’m going up to Brooklin in a couple of weeks to help Bob (brother) with a bit of small boat work. If time permits, I’ll make some local inquiries to see if anyone’s interested in taking on her restoration.

Other than that things have been quiet here. I went down Route 35 through Mantoloking for the first time this week. The extent of the devastation has to be seen in person to be believed. I thought I had done grieving but it all came back. It’s so very, very sad.

Missing boat
This is the first Winter in 27 years that Sjogin hasn’t been in this photo. The scent of wood smoke and sizzling sausage bread is sadly absent. Though the absence of regular visits to chop ice out of the bilge has its charms.

New shop
Here’s Tom in the new shop. I had thought Sjogin would be the first one in but it was not to be.

And here’s Paul contemplating work on Myth. She’s in for fairing and refinishing. Maybe Sjogin will be next???

New shaper
Here’s the new shaper in the wood shop. There’s a new planer as well. Most of the motors have been replaced or rebuilt. Let’s hope there’s no flooding for a while.

More flooding
Speaking of flooding, here’s a pic from Suzanne Beaton during a another flood last December. Do we have a new normal? Let’s hope not.

Only snow so far
This is the extent of the snow so far this winter. The Northeaster forecast for tomorrow is expected to be a mostly rain event right along the coast here. Good luck to those in coastal New England.

4 comments on “Still waiting for shop space”

  1. Let’s hope they can get to work on Sjogin soon, in the meantime how about posting the recipe for Sizzling Sausage bread – sounds like just the thing to fortify us as we drag ourselves out in the cold to start getting ready for the season


  2. Thanks for your wishes–we here in New England are seeing heavy snow and wind and expect that for most of the next 24 hours. I’m hoping against hope that by Sunday I’ll be able to get on the road and up to check on my boats, under tarps next to the House of Seven Gables in Salem, Mass. Tough to get boat work done in winter when you’ve got to take off the tarp and work in the open.

  3. Finding someone up in Maine to work on her sounds like an excellent option. I’m sure you’d love cruising Sjogin up there for some of the summer, and the local boat shops aren’t nearly as overwhelmed as I’d imagine Beaton’s is right now.

  4. Hi Colin,

    Hope to see you and Anne on your return trip. It looks like Beaton’s will have Sjogin in a heated shed soon so I can start removing the broken bits. Still want to bring her to Maine at some point.

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