Ice free but precious little water

Waiting for the usual Goldilocks winter sail where it’s about forty, bright sun and a light easterly breeze. Still, life continues below deck at the dock. Heating conditions now adjustable by way of a damper. Progress indeed.

Bay down about a foot or so and flat calm.

Very quiet below absent the usual snap from the stove and sizzle in the skillet. New read on board is the life of Merce Ridgway, Bayman, a look at life on Barnegat Bay sixty years ago. Happy to have the Oyster farmers now but what a loss.

Note the new damper.

Just warm enough below to start defrosting the ports.

Had a lunch visit from Kent and his very good friend yesterday. Plenty of room for the three of us.

Sailing pics soon.

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  1. loved your article a while back in Wooden Boat Magazine…..I hope you don’t mind if I say a few words about your boat and post pics on the Facebook page of the Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum. Being that your beautiful and unusual boat was built in South Jersey we are keen to let folks know about it. In fact, I was down at Beaton’s a while back and saw Sjogin at the dock…She left an indelible impression. Thanks Michael Lang, CS&MM

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