Back to our routine

The heart of Sjogin glows again. Her Sardine wood stove is back in place and providing the usual quick sizzles and cups of something nourishing. It was first installed in the Spring of 2003 (Thanks Bob!) and has been providing warmth and comfort ever since. (Sandy lay up time sadly excluded.)

Having the stove available has slowed down progress on refitting the admittedly meager cabin furniture. The berth flat still needs to be spilled to the profile of the new ceiling but is now shimmed enough to be useful as is the galley box. It’s just too tempting to eat, drink and stretch out to read.

Once the berth is secure, a platform for the galley box will be built. The forward end will serve as a seat to tend the stove. It’ll be about the same height as the berth flat/seat. Stay tuned.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks:

since the shape of the frames changed and with new ceiling pieces it was necessary to do some creative planing.

Battle scars
Showing the effects of a decade of hard use and a dunking by Sandy.

Stovepipe fitting
Fitting the stove pipe and bolting the stove in place. Almost ready.

Finally. Even at my glacial pace, it’s been too long. Of course with the first fire since Sandy we have the first sausage bread sizzle. When the third piece was just right, I cut it up and brought it to the woodshop crew. Very well received.

At the sizzle
A bit further along. Note the bright light forward. It’s all due to the round deck prism Paul installed when the deck work was done. Quite a difference.

Current read
First read of the hot stove season. Here Ms. Prim is being plied with something nourishing. Always a pleasure to re-read the The Compleat Cruiser by L. Francis Herreshoff.

More soon though it may just be more of the above.

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