Sister ships!

Both full and junior size Sjogin’s are underway.

There’s a nice Thread on the WoodenBoat Forum about a Sjogin 3 (the 19′ version) being built in southwest France. Here’s the link to the Thread and a few pics showing the builders fine work.

Station molds done. These are to be set up on a strongback and will define the shape of the hull.

Aft stem lamination
This is what you need to do when natural timbers can’t be found. It’s actually stronger.

Coming along nicely
Starting to look like a boat. Notice the kids doodles?

There’s also word of a full size Sjogin to be built in Blue Hill, Maine by my friend Steve Brookman. He’s a long time Sjogin fan as can be seen from this page from his Traditional Small Craft website. Steve originally planned to build the 19′ version but since he now has a larger building space, he’ll be building the full size version. I hope it’s the gaff yawl version.

Steve also built a full model of Sjogin 3. Here are a few pics of same. More fine work.

Framed up
This is the 19′ Sjogin 3 version all framed up.

Deck frames done
Working on a model like this helps the builder work out details prior to building full size.

Fine work
It was a thrill to see Sjogin’s little sister in the flesh. Nice work Steve.

And here’s a pic of your very happy Skipper with the WoodenBoat Sjogin issue. Available at your better magazine stores. Still can’t wipe that smile of my face.

Happy Skipper

Thanks all for following along on this journey.

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  1. Hi Russ,
    Just finished reading the article in WB and finding your website had to write and say your a lucky man to have such a beautiful boat. I’m looking forward to following your blog and who knows one day there may be a sister ship in Raglan harbour, New Zealand. Cheers Tony.

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