Cover Girl!

After picking away at an article for WoodenBoat magazine for the last five years or so and delayed by the Sandy repairs, Sjogin has pride of place on the cover of the current issue to go along with her story.

Cover Girl

Amazing photo by the very talented Jay Fleming. Once again hove to off Swan Point.

Here are a few sample photos sent to me by Jay after the photo shoot in late August:


Reaching along the marsh by Sloop Point. Jay took most of these from his kayak.

Hove to again

Hove to again in just enough breeze. We had an early start, hoping to have early sunrise light but found a hazy light overcast morning. Probably just as well from the photographer’s standpoint.


Jay must have taken twenty minutes to get just the right shot hanging off the dock when we returned to Beaton’s. Note all the dings and dents from a well sailed life.

Happy Skipper

Finally a portrait of your extremely happy Skipper.

Hope you enjoy the article; WoodenBoat is available at most chain bookstores and larger newsstands. There were more things I wanted to cover in the article such as a brief history of Beaton’s and their place in local sailing history and more about the WoodenBoat Forum where this all started but editors edit and here we are. As I said to Matt Murphy at WB, I guess that’s what books are for.

4 comments on “Cover Girl!”

  1. Awesome! Congratulations! I can’t wait until my WoodenBoat Magazine issue arrives in the mail. All the best – Byron

  2. Congratulations Russ. A beautfiful tale I’m sure; can’t wait for my copy to come in the mail. Sjogin looks great in those shots but then that is no surprise given the attention and affection lavished upon her. Well done!

  3. Afternoon, Mr. M.! Just a note of congratulations! Got my issue of WB a few minutes ago, and immediately dove in to your article. Well done, sir! Regards to Julia. Wes

  4. Thanks all. It’s been a few weeks since the article was published and I still get giddy thinking about it. What an honor. And an honor to receive all your best wishes, both here and on the WoodenBoat forum.


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