Beaton’s pics as promised

Here are a few photos from Beaton’s over the past few months:

Here’s Shadow, a tired Blackjack being given a new lease on life.

Myth, looking Beaton Fresh.

S is for Sad
S if for Sad. One of Nat Herreshoff’s S Boats slowly fading away. She needs a savior.

Wedding prop
Here’s the Columbia model dinghy I helped Tom Beaton built all nice and clean after being used in a local wedding.

Paul Smith
Finally, here’s Paul Smith working on something other than Sjogin. This is a small table from the Orient that’s been in my family for several generations. More fine work from Mr. Smith.

Slow sailing
OK. At least one Sjogin pic. Heading out early one morning this Summer. She’ll be hauled next week for some bottom paint, cabin work and attending to a couple of nagging leaks. Then back in for the hot stove season.

1 comment on “Beaton’s pics as promised”

  1. Russ,

    It’s great to see all of the nice pics of your boat and Beaton’s. I don’t know the current situation of the “SAD” S-boat, but is there any way to find a savior in the WoodenBoat Magazine community or even the Herreshoff museum?

    Just throwing out an idea.

    Take care, and it’s so great to see all that you have done for Sjogin since the storm.


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