She swims!

Sjogin was returned to her home waters last Saturday at 4:30 surrounded by a gathering of about 30 folks. It was a spectacular day filled with very late Summer light. Good food, good drinks and a verrrrry happy Skipper.

I was shocked at how little she leaked. After 23 months out of the water, I expected her to fill readily as the keel and stems have dried out. An hour after launch she had an inch of water over the keel. Almost a week on and what leaking there is noticeably less. The prospects for a dusty bilge look good.

Next up is refinishing and re-rigging the spars; building the new cockpit sole (mostly done); cockpit seats; reinstalling the cabin sole and most importantly, setting up the Sardine for my first sizzle.


Suitably decorated for the Launching Party. She’ll never look better. (Though maybe better when she’s hove to off Swan Point.)

The A-Team

Jeff reid, Paul’s helper is on the left. Paul Smith, Master Boatwright, is right. Without Paul’s decades long experience, unfailing good cheer and love of wooden boats, Sjogin would be in the back field at Beaton’s, suffering my attempts to bring her back from the grave.

The Toast of Thanks

Thanking all for their help making this day possible. Especially Julia.

The Blessing

Julia doing the honors. It’s not a new boat so the usual bottle breaking was replaced with a generous drizzle. Plus the rest of the very good Champagne will not go undrunk.

Resting comfortably

Floating on her own with the straps ready to catch her if she settles. Beautiful light, beautiful boat.

The Kids

Sjogin’s youngest fans. Their Mom Kathy took some of the above photos. Thanks.

Thanks all for a wonderful day. Other pics on the Flickr Sjogin Album, Instagram (search for Sjogin) and Facebook (Russ Manheimer).

4 comments on “She swims!”

  1. Congratulations! She looks great! It is wonderful to see that you have the love to bring her back from her injuries. Best of luck and happy sailing.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful sight to see. Well done to all involved in getting Sjogin repaired and refloated. She looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing pitures of sailing, hoving too, and sizzling. Yme

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