Ready for her close up

Today’s the day. If you’re near Beaton’s this afternoon, come by and celebrate Sjogin’s return to her home waters. It’s been almost two years since she sank under Sandy’s waves.

She would not be ready (ready enough) for this day without the time honed skills of the Boatwrights at David Beaton and Sons. Particularly Paul Smith who used his long experience caring for tired old boats to bring about Sjogin’s renewal and second life. Also helping were Jeff Reid, Paul’s able assistant, John, Pete, Jim and the rest of the crew. Pete and Jim were the ones who patched the hole in her bow and recovered her from where she sank.

I want to particularly thank Tom Beaton, whose indulgence of passionate wooden boat owners is legendary.

And thanks to my dear readers whose comments and words of good cheer sustained me through this journey.

The final and deepest thanks go to my dear wife Julia for her unflagging enthusiasm and shared vision.



My first view of Sjogin after she was raised from the Barnegat Bay.



Ready for her not too close-up.

More later.

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  1. Congratulations! Lots of heartbreak and hard work. Well done and congrats to all involved. The path must have been long and arduous at times. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Sjogin floating again.

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