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I hope this Post makes you happy Peter. Lot’s of activity at Beaton’s this off season from rehabbing a pair of Elco electric launches to a new mast for Ghost.

Little recent work on Sjogin by the yard other than Paul working on her new hatch. When we get near a launch date they’ll finish some details like installing the bow vent and round deck light/prism. The later will make the forward section a lot brighter. Look’s like painting season is upon us.

New Duck
Here’s Tom a few months ago with the new Duckboat. Most of the planking’s on and the deck beams are being fit.

All that glitters
All that glitters is in fact, occasionally, Gold. A few microns of plating make this boat a true “Gold Plater”. The dozen or so coats of varnish show it off nicely.

Lightning in for a bit of paint and varnish. The 100th BBYRA Season starts on June 21st. I plan on seeing a few of them from the comfort of Sjogin’s new cockpit. Maybe even down Bay!

Mystery Tool
Shop made tools like this show up now and then. I think it was used to form a Penguin or Duckboat fitting.

Eight sided
New mast for Ghost by Pete Schell. There are eight sides after glueing up the birdsmouth staves. Astonishing progress. Pete’s made about ten A-Cat masts to date so that should be no surprise.

Old mast end
Here’s the lower end of the old mast. Note how the eight pieces are glued together. A lot more efficient way then in my days at Beaton’s.

16 sided
Here’s Pete planing the mast to sixteen sides.

And then round
And here it is fair and almost ready for varnish.

Landscaping in progress. When done there’ll be picnic tables and enough room to fold sails and such.

Back to Sjogin progress next. Enough Beaton’s pics Peter?

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  1. just great stuff. i thank you very much. driving north from ssp up the coast is a bit challenging these days. seeing this is just like being there, w/o all the bumps.

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