Small bits of progress

The cold continues with a few breaks here and there when it’s warm enough for gloveless work. Last week provided such a day and allowed for some real progress.

Before all the sanding and painting on deck and the cabin can take place, the cockpit sole needs to have the beams installed and at least a temporary sole in place. The cockpit beams have been installed and I’m now figuring out how the sole will be laid out. Tried using the old ones but they don’t work out. Decided to go for the gold and gave Paul an initial cut list for teak planks.

Along with the cockpit work I continued with a bit of mast scraping and rounding over the toe rails. Once the rails are faired and smooth, the sealer, primer and paint can be applied….once it warms up. Even when it’s in the 60’s inland in can be in the 50’s along the coast if the wind has any East in it.

One good thing about the continuing cold and damp is the way it helps Sjogin re-hydrate. When the frost danger is over I’ll start wetting the garboards and such to get her ready for an eventual launch. When you say? Probably later than I want, but soon enough.

Here are the beams in place. They were fastened with 3/8″ galvanized bolts. By the time they rust out like the originals, it will be the next stewards problem.

Progress 2
Looking aft you can see the length of wood resting on the aft frame. This will be the approximate height of the aft deck. It will be the same height as the seats forward. Should make for a comfortable lounging area.

Rail work
Pleasant work with a block plane. After scribing lines about 3/16″ from the corners the plane takes it down so there’s a flat at 45 degrees. The those corners are removed and then rounded with 80 grit sandpaper. Can’t wait to start painting. (After a lot more sanding!)

Speaking of painting, since the rub rails will be varnished the only green will be the moldings around the cabin. I think I’ll just paint them with the deck color. Any comments?

I’ll have some Beaton’s pics for my next Post. Soon, I promise.

Happy Spring all.

3 comments on “Small bits of progress”

  1. i vote for the green on the moldings. sets the cabin top off a bit. nice touch.

    i also vote for beaton pics. what else do you have to do?

  2. Peter,

    Working on the Beaton post along with that which makes this all possible. My semi-retirement continues to veer far too much to the semi side.

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