Pics from here and there

It’s been a busy Summer.  We’re having our home renovated which entails removing 24 years of accumulated treasures as the floors are all getting refinished. Many long delayed projects are being done, including widows on the second floor for views of the gardens, lake and distant dunes.

We’ve been up to Mystic for the WoodenBoat Show again, meeting new folks and renewing acquaintances both analog and digital.

All this with the business, gardens and marshaling forces (thanks Andy) for the move out, it’s left little time for things Sjogin.  I go down to the yard to check on her on a regular business and have taken a few pics you may enjoy.


I’ll put the Beaton pics first to make Peter S happy

Smile, the steam bent coaming for Myth went around the old Lotus house without a problem.


Myth’s deck is almost done.  I have some of her just completed that shows Paul Smith’s fine work at Beaton’s.  I’ll put them up next post.


Here’s an old friend.  Tom Beaton and I built this Herreshoff Columbia model Dinghy in the early 80’s.  Now maybe the next generation will go for a row or three.

New birdsmouth A-Cat spar
New bird’s mouth mast for Ghost (I think.) Just not going fast enough?

Bettle Cat mast vs. low hanging tree limb. Here’s the loser.

Indeed a Happy Skipper.  This was taken in late-June; a morning stolen from the move preparation.

Summer bounty
The garden continues to shine despite my benign neglect. The new Attic window surveys all.

Sunrise from the Attic
Summer sunrise from the Attic window. When the room is wainscoted and painted white, the sunrise will make the space glow. Fine spot for a first cup.

Small boat heaven
The John Gardner Small Craft Weekend coincided with the WoodenBoat Show. Double the fun!

One of my all time favorites. This is Aida, one of N. G. Herreshoff’s finest shallow draft yawls. She would be perfect for Barnegat Bay as she only draws 3 feet.

Porch people
After last years gap, we continued our tradition of hosting a quick Saturday afternoon party on the Whaler Porch for our WoodenBoat Forum friends. Margo’s smile fills the foreground.

Sorry for the long wait between posts but other duties call. You can check on my Flickr Page for more frequent pics not otherwise found here. For those so inclined, my Facebook page has occasional postings as well


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  1. In fact, Ghost hasn’t been going very fast lately, according to the BBYRA standings. Work really does get in the way of messing about, doesn’t it? How’s Frank doing on the construction?

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