Almost ready

The 2010 Duckboat Worlds are this Friday at Mantoloking. Details here. Speedwell lacks a coat of Maynard Bray White on her bottom, a bit of soaking and rigging to be ready. Found out most folks now lash the stays rather than using turnbuckles. I think it has something to do with causing less damage in collisions. Duckboat racing IS a contact sport.

White for now. I had planned to paint the bottom the same as the green trim on Sjogin but ran out. I have an order in with Kirby but it won’t be here on time. I’ll use the MB White for now.

My so called Bench
The usual found plank workbench full of this seasons work.

Sulking Sjogin
Sjogin waiting for her work to resume. I’m shooting for the week after Labor Day to put her back in commission.

One more from Maine. This fine pic of Tendress was taken by Dick Wynne from Sea Harmony on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago.

Lamb's Ears
What time is it? Time to trim the Lamb’s Ears.

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