A close cousin

A reader from Gloucester wrote telling of his boatbuilding project and sending a few pics. When I saw the first picture I had a thrill in seeing the striking similarities with Sjogin. All photos courtesy of Matt B.

It’s been a seven year project so far for Matt, building this classic in his spare time and working as a professional boatbuilder. Nice pic.

And she’s fastened with trunnels; tapered wood dowels that are driven through the planks and frames. A very old technology well used here. Note the sweep of the grain in the floor timber.

She’ll have a small cabin with a curved front. Maybe just big enough for a small stove and a berth flat.

This is the framing for the cabin sides and coaming. Looks like there’ll be plenty of sprawling room.

forward hatch
Forward hatch being fit. Classic details and workmanship.

Nice bit of work Matt. Hope to see more evidence of your progress.


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