The Maid swims!

Julia and I went to the launching of the new Silent Maid last Sunday at the Independence Seaport Museum. Master boatbuilder John Brady has built a new Maid to the 1923 Francis Sweisguth plans. We drove down with Kent and Nancy Mountford. Kent’s parents owned the original Maid in the 60’s.

Owner Peter Kellog had asked all available former Silent Maid owners, sailors and friends to join the Museum in the launching a new Queen of the Bay.

Maid Aweigh
Silent Maid aweigh. The hull’s planked in Spanish cedar.

A Toast
Julia toasting a very dry bilged new boat. She be on the Bay this summer and hope to grab a sail. We both sailed on the Maid when Sally owned her. In fact we were in a Benjamin Mendolwitz photo of her under sail south of Swan Point.

Start of of new career
The Maid in the inner harbor at the Museum. That’s the Great White Fleet Olympia in the background.

Also in the basin was the 1888 Elf, up from Chesapeake Bay. She’s been recently restored and the oldest American racing yacht. We expect to see her at Mystic next week for the WoodenBoat Show.

Even this perfect little garvey was dressed for the occasion.

Last fire?
Last fire of the season? Last Sunday morning was cool enough for a quick fire. With more rain and gloom forecast for Saturday, we may see a Solstice fire.

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