A milestone just occurred for us.

We’ve been here at Ourhouse for twenty years this past October 14th. A pleasant score indeed. A party was in order, pics of which are below. We’re very fortunate and were glad to share with friends and family. Thanks all. More pics on the Ourhouse page

My Julia
Julia chatting on the porch. Cool enough for a fire with the doors and windows open.

Cheryl at the mantel
Our good friend Cheryl at the mantel.

Julia and Annie
Julia and Annie sharing a story.

Happy Dave
Happy Dave, a twenty year veteran of parties at Ourhouse.

4 comments on “A milestone just occurred for us.”

  1. just a comment about being “hove to”…why leave the dock? why not sail around exploring the knooks and crannies of upper barnegat bay as opposed to remaining in one place…..

  2. Hi Peter,

    One does not stay in one place when hove to. The technique requires the boat to move through the water with enough motion to react to the changes in the wind. Sjogin moves at about a knot, near six points off the wind. In a ENE breeze I can heave to off Reedy Creek on starboard tack and end up at MYC in a leisurely hour.

    It’s just a question of how you want to spend time on the water. Most of the time I squeeze in a quick sail on a busy weekend; perhaps I enjoy the leaving and returning ritual best of all.

    Stop by and say Hi,


    I wish I had more time to go back to those nooks and crannies. Busy life and all that. One of these days…

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