First sail of the off-season today

Would have gone yesterday but there wasn’t enough water in the Bay. Settled for a token fire after stepping the mast and getting everything back on board. Beautiful October day, light Southwesterly.

All dressed up but not enough water.

Ready to go
Better today. Went out in a very light southeasterly, barely 3 foot of water in some spots in the basin. Back by noon to pick up Julia but the front finally came through and started to blow out of the NW. Just a bit too gusty for a hull that’s still making up.

Mary Ann undressed
Mary Ann in a state of undress. Her season’s done, ready for a long winter’s rest in one of the sheds. She’ll also have her needs attended to by Beatons this fall, ready to go come next June.

Companionway view
Companionway view. Sat here for a bit where I landed after the sail. Julia brought lunch and it was very pleasant sitting in the October sunlight on a fresh and clean Sjogin.

Same as she ever is
Same as she ever is. Looks the same huh? I’m liking the Maynard Grey White.

Happy sailing all,


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