Hermine passed without damage.

The vagaries of Hermine spared us this time.  Had she started her meanderings a bit further west we could have had some serious flooding.  It’s especially worrisome on the back bays where repeated tide cycles back up and up.  The docks at Beaton’s barely got wet this time.

Here’s Sjogin after the storm and back in operation. 

Checking out the Osprey nest on Sloop Point.  Nice sail.

Video link soon.

2 comments on “Hermine passed without damage.”

  1. Good morning – I am Mara Still, Gilbert Webster’s granddaughter. You may have received my response on the Deal Island site regarding Grandpop’s sails. But, in case you did not, I thought I’d touch base with you. I was very pleased to read that you have sails my Grandpop made. He was a true waterman and was happiest on the water. He was born in 1905 on Deal Island, MD. He established his sail loft in Nicetown, PA, in the 1940’s. My brother and I worked for him during our teen years. I never saw him measure canvas with a measuring tape. He knew how much canvas to use and always completed the work by hand. He also made awnings as well as tents for the military. He told me that he wanted to join the Navy during WWII but he was told that his skills as a sailmaker were needed so he worked at the Philadelphia Naval Base making a wide range of canvas products. My Grandpop did not believe in contracts. When someone wanted him to make sails, awnings, etc., he would meet them and discuss their needs. He told me he learned more about a client face two face the on a telephone (he hated phones) and would seal the deal only after shaking the client’s hand. I know of only one client who failed to pay him as ageed. My Grandpop said ‘He complained his hand was sore. It was a bad handshake.’ Thank you for your invitation to sail on your beautiful boat! I’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures. I live in Virginia and don’t get back North often, however, I do hope to go up North later this year, so I’ll be in touch. If you do use Grandpop’s sails this year, please send me a picture. It would make me and my Mom so happy. I wish you fair winds, full sails and a safe harbor to come home to.

  2. Mara,

    Thank you so very much for your comment. I apologize for taking so long to reply. I don’t update this Blog as much as I should. Like so many of us I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep folks updated on Sjogin’s remarkable journey.

    Your grandfathers story is fascinating. I’d like to learn more and visit if practical.

    Sjogin will be hauled soon for some paint work and fresh varnish. When she’s launched again I’ll bend on Grandpop’s sails and send you and all of her friends a picture.

    Thanks again for writing.,

    Russ Manheimer

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