Picking away at the loose paint and priming the bare spots for the last week or so. Usual culprits need attention, nothing too major. This year’s necessary project will be to re-caulk about four feet of the garboard on the starboard side. This may solve her leaking problem. It would be nice to have dry bilges for a change. Hope to do some power sanding this weekend and have the topsides done by next weekend.

Home yesterday trying to add a little beauty to the world on that day of remembrance. Spent the morning pruning the Rugosa beds.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks:

Ready to leave
Done for the day. Fresh paint on the rails.

Temporary home
Home for the next few weeks. With both ends open, a nice breeze flows through.

Post Hana
Sunday morning after Hana blew through. The boat is a Crocker raised deck sloop. Kind of a larger Stone Horse.

Note the 40′ sport fisherman hard aground to the WEST of Swan Point. I can hear the question: “there’s the Bridge, where’s Swan Poi………”. Happened at night, further details to be gathered. Two words of advice: SLOW DOWN!

Finally, here’s a colorful sunrise from last week.

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