Sjoginmania spreads to the Antipodes

Here’s a snap from WoodenBoat Forum friend John B catching up on the latest news from Barnegat Bay. Photo taken during the family cruise up to the warmer bits of New Zealand. The joy continues.

An Antipodean
Looks quite comfortable as we gird our loins for a nasty Northeaster.

Here are a few more from the last few weeks. Not surprisingly, one involves hot and crispy sausage bread.

This morning with the first snow of the season. The photo taken next Monday should show quite a different scene. Thankfully no serious ice yet.

Smell it?
Once again, at the sizzle. Which the frequency of will need to decline lest I fail to fit through the hatch. But so good; especially on days like this. Hope to have some down below after the coming storm.

Current read
The current read on board. It’s been years since my last trip around with Brother Joshua. This is a 1900 second edition just scruffy enough to fit right in. It’s a long read, so this book should see me through to Spring.

Finally, one more last look shot. Never get tired of it.

2 comments on “Sjoginmania spreads to the Antipodes”

  1. John,

    Thanks for the comment. The rails are screwed through the deck into the clamp. I think they are fastened with flat head, #14 stainless steel screws.

    Needless to say I’m following along with your preparations*. What a dream fufilled.



    *John plans to enter and sail the fiftieth anniversary race of the first singlehanded trans-Atlantic race in two years.

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