Back to normal… almost

What joy to be able to say “…going down to Sjogin for a quick visit/pump out/sail.” There have been a number of them since early July, most just sails of an hour or so, running the same old upper Bay circuit. What a lucky so and so.

Paul has installed the the new seats and they are just as I imagined. Next is the cabin sole, battery and bilge pump, limited furnishings and most importantly, the Sardine wood stove.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks or so:

Have a seat!
Do sit down. The bespoke Paul Smith seats are very comfortable and sturdy, matching Sjogin’s robust proportions and just what I had in mind. The cedar slats and teak trim will turn silver with age.

What a treat to be able to step down on a solid surface rather than a loose milk crate with a teak lid. Sorry about all those bruises and such over the years.

Same as it ever was
The classic “last look before you leave the boat” image. Not so very different from the photo taken on October 28, 2012.

Fine view
At ease this morning during a quick visit and pump. In a perfect world Ed Lowe should be in the opposite slip in a similar comfortable position. He passed peacefully this year at age 98 after a full life, well sailed.

Ready to go. Or just back and ready to go again. It’s an embarrassment of riches to be able to lose track how many times I’ve gone sailing since Sjogin’s commissioning in early July.

Ghosting out of Beaton’s, Witch to leeward.

At ease again
Here we are hove to off Sloop Point for a change. Do you see a pattern here?

New coat!
Thanks to the lessons learned from Hervey Garrett Smith’s The Arts of the Sailor
we have a new mast coat. Please don’t look too closely at the cave man stitching.

Beaton’s and other pics to follow. (ed: We’ve all heard that before.)

5 comments on “Back to normal… almost”

  1. R,
    At your site this morn as I wanted to forward it to someone in Norway who is considering a SARDINE. You may know her already?
    Kim Brantenberg in Oslo.

    Two birds with one stone……did you ever finally get the packing box we sent so we can clean up your stove for you as discussed?


  2. Indeed Doryman, indeed.


    Apologies as the stove and your shipping box are on the shelf labeled Best Intentions. Hope to have the stove back on board in a week or so in time for that first frosty front.

    Shall I return the box empty or hold on to it till next Summer for a Navigator Stove Works refit?

  3. Just for the record in Scandinavia Kim is a boys name. So, this Kim is a he. But he is very happy with the Sardine he has bought! Although it hasn’t been installer yet…

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