The Spring Offensive has begun

Tools are being marshalled, lists are being made and actual construction has resumed with the fitting of the cockpit sole beams. Also the last demolition took place when the old sole beam aft was removed cave man style.

As mentioned previously, the new sole will be about three inches lower than its predecessor. This will allow more comfortable seating forward. I want the seat height low to allow sufficient support from the coaming and new angled bulkhead trim piece. Comfort in all things.

The sole will end at the frame where the thwart used to be. In it’s place will be a raised sole/seat about a foot higher than the old sole. This should provide a nice seat when leaning against the aft end of the coaming. I guess you could drive from there too. In any event it will make sitting on the deck while steering more comfortable. (There’s that word again.)

It may turn out that the aft sole may be the same height as the seats. That leads to thoughts of some sort of cockpit berth arrangement. Perhaps a boom tent and a mosquito net for Summer evening lounging? Hmmmm…..

We’ll see.

Cave man style
Here an old beater chisel is used to free the old sole beam. No idea why it was so massive. I know it’s Sjogin we’re talking about, but still.

Just about ready to come out. The new sole will be about three inches lower.

The old bolts will be ground off. The other iron bolts will remain in place for another fifty years hopefully.

That’s it for now. Another pending cold snap will keep us close to the hearth. But it’s just a bit more winter and then we will see painting weather. (And far more sanding weather.)

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