Little Sjogin progress

these past few weeks but expect some activity over the next few weeks. I’ve been busy with work and recovering from a kidney stone and low back issues. On the mend now and will be removing the cockpit and cockpit soles along with the ceiling in the cabin. Once accesible, the below water butt blocks will be replaced and any split planks dealt with.

And then it’s on to the decks, coaming, bulkhead repair et al.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks, mostly of doings at Beaton’s.

Getting started
Taken yesterday after setting up the usual whatever’s at hand bench and assembling the implements of reconstruction. Absent being hove to off Swan Point, it’s my favorite spot at Beaton’s.

My finest ogee to date. Ghost work from 1993. The step scarf to join the coaming to the steam bent house was a challenge and still sound.

Fine knob
The knob on Ghost’s tiller. My handiwork again. I need to copy it to finish Sjogin’s tiller.

Here’s a Beaton Penguin and a Chesapeake gunning skiff of some type. One of the constantly changing exhibits at Beaton’s.

At Manto
Here’s the Silent Maid at Mantoloking Yacht Club last month celebrating the (almost fully restored) Vim. That’s her next to the Maid with the deck framing just done.

Boss Lady
Boss Lady entering Manasquan Inlet on her way home to Brooklin. We had our usual eight hour vist with Bob and Jet. Fun but too short. We’ll see him and BL in August.

First Poppy
First Poppy of the season. Most of the perennials survived Sandy but we lost a number of hollies, hydrangeas, viburnums and such. Strangely enough the common black-eyed susans were wiped out.

Sorry about the month wait between posts. There should be more frequent ones as my Sjogin work proceeds.

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