It begins

Sjogin is now in the new/old shop with room to spare. The process of removing the broken bits has begun. Once all the damaged planks are removed, the work can begin on getting out the new planks. When they’re ready to start inatalling, Beaton’s will move Sjogin in to the wood shop, quite near the steam box. With her quick and just so curves, all of the new planking will need to spend time in the steam box before hanging.

Oh that sheer...

On her way in to the shop. That sheer makes it all worthwhile.


A clean well lit space to work thanks to Tom and crew. The broken bits are coming off with the help of a shop made tool.

Just make it.

It’s just a terminal from the orphan bucket, teeth cut to fit over the barbed nails. It works for #12 Monel Anchorfast nails but not the #14s. I have a set of plug cutters on order to deal with the bigger ones.

Removal tools

Tools of destruction. Lucky with the 3″ roundhead #14 bronze screws; only had to drill out two of them to date. The rails will also be removed on the port side as well. And all the fiberglass on the deck. But that will all have to wait on the planking.


After couple of dozen years of saying “I’ll wood the mast next year, just have to figure out how to get the head gear off”, it finally happened. While waiting for Sjogin to be brought in I finally figured out how to pull off the mast head fittings and remove (after labeling) all the rigging.

At home for now

A few treasures at home for now. Very happy the wind vane survived.

More next week.

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  1. So good to see Sjogin being repaired.
    In Australia we have had some furious weather recently resulting in many fine vessels being written off.
    regards, Richard

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