Beaton’s Photos

Here are some pics from Beaton’s taken last Friday.  I’m going down tomorrow to pull the stove and take some more pics.  It’s so very sad but there are signs of things starting to return to normal.

More this week.

Wrong place
We’re very happy Seanick didn’t decided to land on Sjogin.

Back in place
The A-Cats are back in place after engaging in a bit of bumper-boat during Sandy’s surge.

Duckboat Room
The clean-up underway in the Duckboat room. Paul’s been getting things right on this old Duckboat.

The Gale
The Gale having a chat with her neighbors about the terror of Sandy.

Bilge keels work!
One of Beaton’s old timers showing the virtue of bilge keels.

A leaner
Willow Wind asked her yard mate if she could just lean there for a bit.

When we pulled into the Yard this was the first boat we saw. She’s a Hankins Skiff owned by real nice folks. Seems she was just scuffed up.

5 comments on “Beaton’s Photos”

  1. Wow. Must have had your heart in your throat as you drove in, wondering what you would find there, and what maybe you wouldn’t. Glad most things seem recoverable with a bit of elbow grease and tlc. Much better than total loss any day.

  2. I’ve repaired many holed and broken boats in my life, yet it still makes me weep to see a fine old boat like Sjogin suffer so grievously. Even knowing she will come back better than before doesn’t soften the shock. You seem to be taking all this very well, Russ.

  3. glad to hear all survived. the damage to your boat and Beaton’s in general is so sad. hopefully all will come back to the new “normal” at some point. pics of Sjogin didn’t open on my system. good luck to all during the cleanup/rebuild. Seaside was mostly saved by the dunes that had been built up over the years. the bayside got a hammering but nothing like manto etc.

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