The 2008 Classic Yacht Symposium

was held in Bristol, RI this past weekend at the Herreshoff Marine Museum. Julia and I made a three day weekend out of the event. Nice folks and we got to meet Halsey Herreshoff, Nathaniel’s grandson (and L. Francis’ nephew.) It was gathering of the faithful to celebrate and learn of developments in the restoration, use and management of classic yachts. Note this inculdes relativley small yachts as well. (Though probably not reaching down to a Sjogin level as she’s of workboat origins.)

One of our digital friends from the WoodenBoat Forum, Margo Geer, presented a paper on the ongoing restoration of her Concordia Yawl, Sarah. Her moving story is here. When available I’ll link to a PDF of her paper.

Here are few pics with more here as usual.

Part of the weekend events included shop tours in the Mystic area. Spartan, shown here in the McClave, Philbrick, and Giblin shop, is a NY50 designed and built by N. G. Herreshoff in 1907. The straps shown are placed in the vertical grooves as an additional way of tying the hull to the ballast.

Interior construction on Spartan.

Julia and the Booby Hatch
Julia inspecting a Booby Hatch to be installed on Spartan. On display at the Symposium.

Booby Hatch plan
And here’s the plan for said Booby Hatch as approved by Captain Nat himself.

Sarah being loaded on a freighter in Germany in 1955. Taken form Margo’s fine presentation.

Dinner at HMM
Dinner at the Herreshoff Marine Museum on Saturday night. Our table is by the stairs just left of center. Margo’s the redhead.

Bauers and Manheimers
Forum friends Steven and Mary Bauer join us for drinks before dinner by the hotel. Only sunshine of the weekend.

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  1. How can I contact Halsey Herreshoff? I recently purchased one of his designs and would like to know more about it.

  2. How can I contact Halsey Herreshoff? I recently purchased a boat that he designed and I would like to know more about it.

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