Speedwell returns to Stockton Lake

It’s been 35 years, but I finally went sailing on Stockton Lake in Speedwell, our Phil Clarke Duckboat last week. She was bought from Phil in 1977 and kept on Stockton Lake at a friends dock for a while. She’s the last Duckboat Phil built (Number 14) before Pop Beaton took over the plans and molds.

I think the first times my sons Jeffrey and David sailed by themselves was on her. She eventually went to Beaton’s for storage and eventual restoration.

She’s a bit heavy for her size (keeping her in the water doesn’t help) and it’s a struggle to roll her from our yard down to the water. I think I’ll set up a haul-out to a mooring next year. And also give consideration to having a dock built.

A very light day on Stockton Lake. Even at half tide there’s plenty of water. Hope to have a few more sails before she goes back to Beaton’s.

Just fits
Here she is pulled up on our beach. A dock and float would make life a lot easier.

Shallow water steering
The oar was jury rigged to allow steering without the rudder. With the board almost all the way up she can go to windward (sort of) in less than a foot of water. It’s important as the lake dries out at low water. Eventually an oarlock will be installed for sculling as well as steering.

3 comments on “Speedwell returns to Stockton Lake”

  1. Russ,
    late summer/early autumn are often the best time to be on the water over here in Scotland, certainly my favourite time to be on the water. Hope your repairs go well over the winter.

  2. Totally agree Graeme,

    Living by the the great heat sink called the Atlantic Ocean and to a lesser extent our lake allows for a very pleasant Fall. Of course the obverse happens in the Spring with the damp and chill hanging on after our inland neighbors are warming up.


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