A quick visit to Maine

Julia and I had the pleasure last weekend of attending the wedding of my brother Bob and Lorinda. And we had the added pleasure of meeting family and friends, gathered from near and far.

There was a bit of boat messing as well. A treat was taking folks out for a spin in the Shellback.

Here are a few pics, more on Flickr:

The Ceremony
On the floats in the sun, breeze and tide. The weather held with no large wakes from passing ships. Izzy the Ring Bearer awaits.

The dinghy at the end of the float is one of the Bolger Elegant Punts I built ( I did build it!) in the early 90’s.

The Arrival
The Bride and Groom descend the ramp. There was a boat similar to Boss Lady to Port, both serving as stadium seating.

Richard Jarbo
Long time friend, poet and polymath Richard Jarboe recites one of his classics.

Happy Couple
Another Happy Couple.

BL at rest
Boss Lady at anchor off Buckle Island. Sixteen of us cruised down to this little island in Jericho Bay on Monday after a day of recovery.

Gathering treasures (and trash) on Buckle Island, a nice cruise from the Landing.

So you come upon a door in the woods….. Which is the out side?

We had our usual visit to Brooklin Boat Yard in …well, Brooklin. The one without Willamsburg. We ran across Sonny, on whom we had a wonderful idyll a few years ago. Across from her is an early 20th Century 15 Square Meter completing a full restoration at BBY.

Life finds a way
It was Sea Lavender season on Buckle Island. This plant was found at the very high water line, just enough sea water to keep it happy. Our Sea Lavender is a few weeks behind.

A great trip but happy to be back in our almost fully renovated home. Pics to follow.

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