H-15 and A-Cat mast progress

at Beatons.

The H-15 has its new transom in place and floors are growing on the new keel. While construction continues, deconstruction proceeds apace. The sheer strake and some of the bilge strakes have been removed in anticipation of bending in hot new frames.

Steady progress. The removed planks can be seen standing in the background.

Floor frames
New floor frames being fitted. Note the missing planks and frames.

Transom bits
Transom framing bits.


The new A-Cat mast has been put together for a trial fit and also to work out gluing up eight fifty foot staves. It’s a new way of doing masts at Beatons. They will still end up with a light, stiff mast, ready to power a new Bay champion.

New method!
Tom Beaton with a change in the mast building procedures. Change at Beatons!

Sample mast section
Sample mast section laid up to work out how the staves will be glued and laid up on the mast bench. Note the mahogany form and hose clamps. Stressful gluing job.

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