St John Pics

As promised, here are a few pics from our recent visit to Butterfly Beach on St John. It’s the Fish Bay home of our friends Dave and Cheryl. We spent a very relaxing week and a half unwinding with a daily 5:00PM soak in the hot tub and visits to the local beaches. Paradise indeed.

Here’s a link to the Flicker Page. A selection follows:

Butterfly Beach
The Gazebo on the beach on Fish Bay. There’s a hammock inside with an over the toes view of the Caribbean.

Our digs
The Pool Cottage. There’s a mangrove framed view of Fish Bay from the balcony.

Trunk Bay
On the Second Day Tour. Trunk Bay frames Julia, Joe, Annie and Cheryl. Dave is out of view video taping.

Last night
Just before dinner on our last night at Butterfly Beach. Another fine tradition that started with a sunset gun.

Thanks again Dave and Cheryl for another perfect vacation together.

Edited to add the over the toes view referenced above:

Auditing Fish Bay

3 comments on “St John Pics”

  1. Thanks for posting. It’s always a treat to see the property through the lens of such a talented photographer.

  2. Thanks for the beauty you and Cheryl have brought to the world. Just happy to point and shoot.

    I edited the Post to show the over the toes view.

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