Quick Post

before we leave for paradise. I’ll try to do one from St John though no sailing this time, just days and days of watching the clouds drift by. And having a great time with our friends Dave and Cheryl.

Here are some pics from the last few weeks to keep Peter happy.

Progress on the store/office. I tried out the chair on the porch and it works fine.

New sign
New sign at Beaton’s. Glad they kept the Ghost image.

Calm between showers. Still working on the tiller and will have to postpone our first sail of the season till we return.

Garvey work
A sure sign of Spring as the yard Garvey gets her makeover.

Repairs to the rigging ladder. They’ll need it soon as this warm weather will start the sailing juices flowing.

2 comments on “Quick Post”

  1. long time ago when they were wood!

    again great pics. dynamite looking building. porch needs rocking chairs. russ you be blogging as slow as possible as well but guess worth the wait.

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