It works

but the tiller needs a bit of the cut and shim. For now I’ll fit a custom wedge and glue it back to shape later. Looks like we’ll be sailing this week. (Written 02.22.12)

Friend and carpenter Andy helped me with the installation last Saturday. Andy was nourished with the ship’s best before his “stand here; hold this” efforts.

Stand there; hold this
Andy passes the stand here; hold this test. A few years ago he passed the sit there; hold this test on Charlotte.

It fits!
It fits though a bit closer than it needs to be. When very hard over it binds a bit. I’ll fair in the tight spots next haul out. And yes, the cotter pins are in place. I’ll place the lower one when I get a half dozen Beatonites to stand forward.

It fits as well
The tiller is a work in progress. I need to take a further wedge off the bottom and glue it on top to bring the end of the tiller above the mainsheet blocks. Fun work (as he mutters walking off to the band saw for another slice.)

Sails on
Sails bent on and about ready to go. Waiting on a light to moderate dry Northeaster, about 40 degrees, bright sun and fresh sausage bread. The water’s still clear so the first order of business is a cruise of the Rudder Grounds. Hope springs eternal.

Gusty NNW @20+
Plenty of water but gusting from the NNW about 20 and building. No thanks.

Sea Level Living
The Joys of living at Sea Level. And it is rising. I’ve been driving by this corner for, well forever and you can now see marine growth on the lowest drain and curb. Get used to it.

7 comments on “It works”

  1. The way the weather’s been, maybe a sail first. Might be too hot for a sizzle! Although during my visit last March, it was kinda warm for a sizzle then as well. Pastrami on Miami Onion rolls!

  2. great pics especially the one w/the big puffy clouds. thats an award winner. btw how do you steer w/the seat athwartship like it is. any thoughts of making normal type benches running along both sides of the cockpit?

  3. Peter: You don’t sit on the athwartship seat when you steer. You sit on the coaming, digging into the back of your legs, wishing you were sailing an E-scow! JK, Russ.

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