Slow but steady progress

We’re at the painting stage on the rudder which means the end is near. The rudder is hung from the pintels in the Duckboat room with the first coat of primer applied last week. By next weekend we should be at the point where hanging it on Sjogin will be a real possibility.

Still no ice in the basin with the occasional pleasant sailing day bringing dark mutterings from this rudderless sailor.

It's white!
First coat of Kirby’s primer. Another coat, some sanding and re-priming and we’ll be ready for finish coats. Still looking for tiller stock, 6/4 oak seems scarce at Beaton’s.

On display
Looking in the windows of the Duckboat room. That’s a covered Ghost in the reflection.

At the sizzle
At the sizzle last week. The dock-bound visits continue per usual.

Sleet and such
The weather on deck during the above sizzle. Sleet and rain out of the NNE, blowing 20. Nice tune with the rain/sleet on deck, a healthy sizzle on the stove and the base notes of Sjogin’s lap-chortle.

Progress on Ghost. The end of the skeg remains unpainted as the rudder need to be dropped and the stern post replaced. The checks are severe enough for a rebuild. Just who built that skeg? He needs to do a better job of wood selection next time.

That's it?
Our only snow of the Season so far. Decided contrast to last year this time when we had snow left over from the Boxing Day storm. Curious.

2 comments on “Slow but steady progress”

  1. Is 6/4 the rough or finished thickness of the stock you need for the tiller? Length? Need any curve in the grain? Have to be White Oak?

  2. Hi Jim,

    The tiller slot is 1 1/2″ so a bit over would serve if not too rough. I need a piece about 4′ by 9″ or so. Oak’s prefered but Locust or Ash would be fine. Any suggestions?


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