Back from Maine

and still no rudder. When we were away I had hopes of hearing of a sighting but no such luck. I had planned (there’s that word again) to wait till December to haul Sjogin and spend the Winter replacing her rub rails, wooding the hull and such. Oh well, she’s getting pulled next week so the repairs and new rudder construction will just start that much sooner.

In the meantime I’ll be getting ready for the Duckboat worlds. They’re at Mantoloking YC on Friday, August 26th. Details here. I asked Peter Kellogg if I’d be able to use the sprit rig and he graciously said yes so Speedwell will be easy to find in the group pics. (Also look near the end of the fleet.) It’ll be interesting to compare the rigs side by side. (As they sail past to weather.)

Maine was wonderful as always. Only one day of showers which suited for our Blue Hill shopping expedition. We had two sails on Tendress and a great beat up the Reach on the 89 year old Malabar II. Sandwiched in between was a picnic cruise to Pond Island on Boss Lady with dramatic views of Acadia. Paradise indeed.

We also visited with John Brooks at his shop in Brooklin. Looking forward to seeing the Silver Penny plans one of these days.

Soaking it in. At Brooklin Boatyard in Center Harbor where Tendress was built. The black schooner over Julia’s shoulder is Malabar II. She was built in 1922 and under the stewardship of her current owner for the past 37 years. Her design was done by John Alden of Boston, the second in his eventual ten boat series based on New England fishing schooners.

Bliss II
Enjoying another beautiful sunset at the Landing.

Fiona driving
Seven year old Fiona driving Malabar II down Eggomoggin Reach.

More later and when I cull the iPhone pics. Also a Post this week on the Duckboat Worlds preparations.

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  1. Welcome back, Russ! I’m not surprised that Peter gave you the okay. The more the merrier and why not have your unique rig among the fleet? Good luck on Friday- unfortunately I won’t be able to watch. I’ll look for a follow-up post.

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