2011 WoodenBoat Show

Julia and I were in Mystic the weekend before last for the annual drinking of the Kool-Aid. This was the twentieth anniversary of the show and had all the usual ingredients. It was I think our fifth year at Mystic. We missed the regular get together with out Forum friends at Doug and Carters. Perhaps next year.

WoodenBoat and Mystic are very happy with each other and I expect the show will be here for a while.

It was a treat meeting John and Ruth Brooks and talking about his Silver Penny design based on Sjogin.

Our floating House?
This was our favorite boat by far. Harry Bryan designs and builds boats, mostly off the grid, in New Brunswick, Canada. Very simple with a wood stove and comfortable seats and berths from which to watch the world drift by. A small powered skiff or punt would serve as a tow boat as there’s no engine installed.

I have vision’s of her sitting on a mooring at Beaton’s. Hmmm…..

Harry Bryan
When I asked Harry to pose for a pic he said “you want mustard and relish on that?” His Shantyboat would make a great floating hot dog stand.

Julia and Voilet
Julia and Violet, an authentic Zulu, a type of Scottish sailing trawler.

The view from forward.

Sjogin cousins
The John Gardner Small Craft Weekend coincided with the WoodenBoat Show so there were more traditional small boats than usual. These boats are all Sjogin’s cousins.

Pram by John Brooks
Nicely modeled pram from John Brooks. She would look good towing behind Sjogin.

Amorita, the NY30 that was run down and sunk by Sumurun, a 94′ Fife ketch two years ago. She’s been fully restored by McClave, Philbrick & Giblin in Mystic. A charmed boat for sure and a great story.

At the S&P
Thursday night’s dinner at the S&P Oyster Company. Lobster tacos please! The Seaport is just up the river.

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