Sjogin Plans progress

I’ve learned that Paul Gartside will have three other sail arrangements available in his set of building plans for Sjogin in addition to the gaff yawl previously mentioned. More details on the WoodenBoat Forum thread here. It’s likely that building plans for Sjogin will be available this year, for both traditional and glued lap plywood. I’ll keep you posted of course.

Mr. Gartside’s drafting style make them suitable for framing as well. You know you’ll see at least the sail plan hanging in our house.

Gaff sloop
Here is my favorite for now. A classic gaff sloop with a reasonable bowsprit and room for a staysail and jib. And a topsail. Lot’s of strings to fuss with but taking away a bit of Sjogin’s current ease of use. Paul has moved the sail area a bit forward to improve performance.

Bermuda sloop
This is a simpler Bermuda sloop rig, similar to the current one. Note again the bowsprit to move the sail area forward. Also note the running backstays to help support the larger jib. Hmmmm.

Bermuda Yawl
Here’s the Bermuda Yawl rig. Fairly simple and snug; easy to reef the main or heave to with the mizzen strapped in and a bit of the jib to weather.

Gaff yawl
My second favorite. She might look even better with a lug or gaff mizzen. She’d look great poking around the Thames estuary.

Here’s a bit of video from yesterday’s storm. It was blowing about 30, gusting higher from the SSW with chunky waves in the basin. No fire on board needless to say.

Sjogin’s back to her normal weeping with an ice free bilge. There shouldn’t (touch wood) be any more ice problems this season. Hope to have my first sail of 2011 fairly soon.

3 comments on “Sjogin Plans progress”

  1. Russ,
    The gaff rigs look very much like a cutter. That’s fine I guess and you are right that it gives it that particular Thames look, but much of Sjogin’s beauty is in her simplicity, so I don’t know…. the yawl mizzen is all the rage these days, but once again Sjogin’s long boom has a lot appeal. It would be a shame to give that up. Not to be too negative, I hope – the gaff rig is a beauty and would fit her lines perfectly.
    I take it that Sjogin typically has a bit too much weather helm?

  2. Russ:
    The gaff rigs look very much like butter. But much of Sjogin’s beauty is in her simplicity, and I’m getting a little verklempt. Michael, you’re brilliant. And Russ, I’m gonna be around tomorrow. I know it’s gonna be crappy but I might cruise by anyway! Dave

  3. Michael,

    Her weather helm’s not too bad, especially for a relatively plump boat like Sjogin. I’ll defer to Paul Gartside’s balance analysis but agree her handiness with the current rig is a prime virtue.


    Sorry I missed you last week. Give me a call next time. Julia and I got a kick of your Bourdain Post. What fun!


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