Old plank, new leak

There’s been a split in the broad-strake, the plank above the garboard, for as long as I can remember. The split runs from just inside the cabin to the cockpit, passing under two frames. While cleaning out ice last week and wondering why she was making more water than usual, I saw water seeping out of the split. I imagine years of freezing had taken their toll. It needs a permanent repair but a session of caulking cotton and screwdriver work slowed it down considerably.

The area above the split is dry (relatively). This is before the cotton was forced into the seam. When we get a spell of ice free weather I’ll have the yard pull her and do something permanent.

All the wires you see are for the bilge pump, the sole bit of electrical gear on Sjogin.

Fire in the hole
Warming the cabin while I caulked the leak. Necessary part of any off-season Sjogin work.

At the sizzle
Post caulking brunch.

Foggy with floating ice yesterday. The photo is via Instagram, a site I use to post pics on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

Shadow progress
Progress on the Blackjack Shadow. The windscreen’s been rebuilt and painted. Cockpit work continues.

Local dock builder doing some icebreaking last week. The basin and upper Bay were ice free this morning.

Yet more snow
Last weeks storm brought about six inches of wet snow. I think we’re working on a record for continuous snow cover. Very unusual.

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