First sail of the off-season today

Would have gone yesterday but there wasn’t enough water in the Bay. Settled for a token fire after stepping the mast and getting everything back on board. Beautiful October day, light Southwesterly.

All dressed up but not enough water.

Ready to go
Better today. Went out in a very light southeasterly, barely 3 foot of water in some spots in the basin. Back by noon to pick up Julia but the front finally came through and started to blow out of the NW. Just a bit too gusty for a hull that’s still making up.

Mary Ann undressed
Mary Ann in a state of undress. Her season’s done, ready for a long winter’s rest in one of the sheds. She’ll also have her needs attended to by Beatons this fall, ready to go come next June.

Companionway view
Companionway view. Sat here for a bit where I landed after the sail. Julia brought lunch and it was very pleasant sitting in the October sunlight on a fresh and clean Sjogin.

Same as she ever is
Same as she ever is. Looks the same huh? I’m liking the Maynard Grey White.

Happy sailing all,



Picking away at the loose paint and priming the bare spots for the last week or so. Usual culprits need attention, nothing too major. This year’s necessary project will be to re-caulk about four feet of the garboard on the starboard side. This may solve her leaking problem. It would be nice to have dry bilges for a change. Hope to do some power sanding this weekend and have the topsides done by next weekend.

Home yesterday trying to add a little beauty to the world on that day of remembrance. Spent the morning pruning the Rugosa beds.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks:

Ready to leave
Done for the day. Fresh paint on the rails.

Temporary home
Home for the next few weeks. With both ends open, a nice breeze flows through.

Post Hana
Sunday morning after Hana blew through. The boat is a Crocker raised deck sloop. Kind of a larger Stone Horse.

Note the 40′ sport fisherman hard aground to the WEST of Swan Point. I can hear the question: “there’s the Bridge, where’s Swan Poi………”. Happened at night, further details to be gathered. Two words of advice: SLOW DOWN!

Finally, here’s a colorful sunrise from last week.

Garden photos

Here are a few pics taken this past weekend. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems our perennials are developing earlier and earlier. With a longer growing season we need more mid and late summer interest. (Like we have the room.)

Money Plants
We’re in the money! Self sown Money Plants (Lunaria annua) in full bloom.

Bed work
Vegetable and herb beds being prepped; soon to filled with tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, salad greens et al.

Specie azalea's
Our single species Azalea in all their glory. No need for mulch under the Holly.

Ferns rising
Happy ferns coming up through the ivy.

H-15 and A-Cat mast progress

at Beatons.

The H-15 has its new transom in place and floors are growing on the new keel. While construction continues, deconstruction proceeds apace. The sheer strake and some of the bilge strakes have been removed in anticipation of bending in hot new frames.

Steady progress. The removed planks can be seen standing in the background.

Floor frames
New floor frames being fitted. Note the missing planks and frames.

Transom bits
Transom framing bits.


The new A-Cat mast has been put together for a trial fit and also to work out gluing up eight fifty foot staves. It’s a new way of doing masts at Beatons. They will still end up with a light, stiff mast, ready to power a new Bay champion.

New method!
Tom Beaton with a change in the mast building procedures. Change at Beatons!

Sample mast section
Sample mast section laid up to work out how the staves will be glued and laid up on the mast bench. Note the mahogany form and hose clamps. Stressful gluing job.