Happy September 1st,

our first day back from Newport and Maine. Another successful WoodenBoat Show. About two dozen members of the WoodenBoat Forum came to the show resulting in an inordinate amount of fun from drinks and dinner Friday and Saturday nights to “racing” on Gleam and Northern Light .

Then on to Brooklin for a family visit. Glum start Sunday through Tuesday till the front came through, then a spectacular Milky Way display. Wednesday was a crystal clear, late Summer day in Maine. Managed a couple of sails and a lobster boat trip to Stonington.

Pics follow:

Russ Brilliant
Russ on Brilliant, the Olin Stephens, 1938, Nevins built beauty.

A perfect counter stern

The folding sink in the Master’s head on Brilliant

When and If
General Patton’s pre-war schooner.

Julia Gleam
Julia on Gleam with Northern Light to Port. This was before our briefing.

Racing on Gleam. (We did cross Northern Light on Port).

Then on to the Wooden Boat Capital of the world, Brooklin, Maine.

Katie D
Going to Stonington for lunch on the Katie D

The Katie D tied up in Stonington.

Bob and Tendress
A man and his boat.

Rozinnante and Quiet Tune
Just in time for this month’s issue of Wooden Boat, a pair of L. Francis Herreshoff ketches. Rozinnante and Quiet Tune passing on Eggomogin Reach. (Technically the Rozinnante is a yawl, modified by Doug Hylan.)

Julia on Tendress on a grey day with a light breeze.

More pics on Flickr

There are also more boat show and 12 Meter photos HERE and here. They were taken by Margo and Katherine respectively ( WBF members). Here are a couple of samples:

I got to raise the easy part.

Motoring into the harbor. The skipper has mastered steering with his feet.

Finally, here’s a link to the 12 Meter Thread on the WoodenBoat Forum

Back on the Bay

after a week plus sailing in the BVI. Julia and I went on a charter with our friends, Dave and Cheryl. We sailed a 47′ Beneteau out of Horizon Charters in Nany Cay, Tortola. This was our first experience with them and we were generally pleased.

Here are some pics from the trip as well as some shots of Sjogin and progress on the new Flatfish. More BVI pics can be found at our Flickr site.

Driving with my feet. Peter Island under our lee.

Sandy Sprit
Sandy Spit, a classic desert Island. Just off Little Jost van Dyke. We went over in the dinghy from our mooring at Foxy’s Taboo.

Reading Tilman on the beach in Cane Garden Bay. The closest I was to ice was in my Painkiller.

Julia driving

Bubbly Pool
Bubbly Bath on the North shore of Jost van Dyke. The gap in the cliffs allows the surf to surge through and create a whirl pool. Truly bubbly. Best followed with a cheesburger at Foxy’s Taboo.

Tea and Tilman last Sunday. We returned from the BVI at 4:30am.

Sunset at Beaton’s on the first day of Spring.

Floors being fitted on the new Flatfish.

War and Piece

War and Piece This is the well credentialed Laura Rozen’s blog. Well reasoned; slightly left.
Also this is a test of the “Press It” feature of WordPress. There’s a button on the toolbar (Firefox) that when pressed when you are at a site you wish to comment on or point out, opens a Write page is WordPress. The result is what you see here. Hmmmm…