Starboard Tack Puff-back Blues

As mentioned yesterday, the Sardine woodstove (shown below), does not draw well (if at all) in a breeze when on a Starboard tack.

I assume there is enough of a downdraft to overwhelm the usually good design of the current smokehead. Here is a photo of the Charley Nobel in question:

She is currently situated in her slip at Beaton’s facing Northwest, opposite of this photo:

Sjogin in slip

When she’s facing that way, a Northeast breeze like we have today, causes the stove to work in reverse. Sort of like trying to live in a food Smoker. No hot tea today.

First Post

Well here we go again. My son Jeffrey has set me up with WordPress to host my pictures and comments.
Let’s give it a try. Here are some Sjogin pics from the Flickr Site:

Ready for the Off Season
This was taken after being re-rigged in late September, ready for the off season.

And another:

Hove to off Swan Point
Here we are hove to off Swan Point in January 2004. Note the absence of smoke from the chimney. Most likely it is pouring into the cabin as we’re on Starboard tack! Need to try a different smokehead.