New Record

for ignoring you all though I expect true Sjogin fans know where to go for current photos and updates.

The Sjogin page on FaceBook is public along with the Instagram page.  Wish I could post more often here but here we are.

The Duckboat Worlds are this Friday; hope to get a big Post up next week.

Thanks for sticking around,


Ps: Just tried to post a pic from the WordPress App and they’re now sized to fit automatically.  Expect a lot of iPad posts!

PPs: Just looked at the site on my laptop and see the the photo is very, very large. Huuuuuge one coud say. I’ll try to fix this.


Here’s another try at posting a photo uploaded directly to WordPress
The A-Cat Fleet

Don’t be alarmed if the look of the page changes. Upgrade on it’s way. Be patient Jake.

Once again

Hove to off Swan Point.  Had two fine if slow sails today, the second with Julia.  Seemed to remember how to sail and had to tack around Swan Point in a light easterly with motor boat bobble all over.

Happy Skipper

Your very, very happy Skipper.

Thanks to all who have shared this adventure over the years.  Your patience with my infrequent posting and oh so slow rebuilding progress is deeply appreciated.

Sail slow my friends.

Sjogin III

Apparently there’s enough interest out there that Paul Gartside has designed a 16 foot version of Sjogin.  Here’s a link to the recent article in WaterCraft Magazine.  Truly amazing.  From a neglected boat on the back row at Beaton’s to a seemingly global small boat star.

Let a thousand Sjogin’s bloom.

And now some recents at Beaton’s

No stopping me now. I added to new WordPress app to my phone (where all the pics are).  Here’s a test Post.

One of the recent Beaton skiffs home for a touch up.

Mary Ann ready for her 91st season.

Will the Bat  be back?  Stay tuned.

Ready to rig.  The BBYRA season starts next Saturday.

Lightning details.
Well, that wasn’t too hard.  More soon.

iPad Posting

this is a test to see if I can post pics directly from my iPad.  If it works you just may see more frequent posts.  I’m also trying Google Photo to serve the pics.

Here’s a recent pic of Sjogin in her slip.  I think Tuesday will be rigging day.


I think it works!

It does work!  Click on the image for a larger size.

Beaton pics next.

Still Ice Bound

Signs of Spring are out there but you have to look under the snow. Sjogin’s still resting comfortably in her ice berth. There’s signs of open water but the Bay’s still frozen solid south of Curtis Point. Spar work begins next week with the assembling of the various bits and cleaning up the mast and boom tracks. And then on to the other long pending work.

Here are a few recent pics:

Reflective water

An inch of water over the ice makes for nice reflections. And just an inch or so of ice in the bilge.

Open water?

You can just make out a strip of open water over by the Mantoloking shore. It will take a while for the basin to open up. Maybe in time for stepping the mast.

Yet again

Yet another snow storm. I think this one was named Thor. Which I am from shoveling.

Hang in there fellow Northeasterners. The Osprey, crocuses and such harbingers of Spring are just around the corner.