Saturday Morning, November 26th

Still cold, about 30 or so when I left at 9:30, wind SW 4 to 8. High clouds, mackerel sky. SAWMC. (Sky associated with major change.) Mostly hove to on St’bd E of Swan Point, then beat over to First Creek and HT on Port. Kept the hatch and drop board in place which helped the draw. No real puffbacks today.

Ran down to MYC and gybed over to Port for the reach home and a firm landing. Pics follow:

The catboat Myth, replicated by John Brady of the Independence Maritime Museum Boatshop in Philadelphia. The original was built in the 30’s and is the municipal symbol of Bay Head.

Myth off Swan Point Myth off Swan Point.

Bound Tiller
A new technique for binding the tiller when hove to.

Iced tea
Iced tea anyone?

Post Thanksgiving Morning at Beaton’s

Here are some snaps from today. First seriously cold morning on Sjogin. Cranky fire and just enough wood smoke to season the cabin air.

11.25.05 Tea and fire
A good draw, wind out of the WSW about 15 to 22. Note the ships hatchet on the chopping block to the left. Shop scraps and split fire wood cut into 3″ chunks feeds the Sardine.

Today’s reading
Another H. W. Tilman book, Mischief in Patagonia. I’ve been working through his books over the last few years. Classic self deprecating, tongue in cheek, slogging on through the bergy bits Brit style. Great stuff.

Lotus, one of the original 1920’s A-Cats, currently entering the finishing stages of her weight loss program. Lotus has lost about 800 pounds, mostly due to the use of ply web frames and spruce and cedar framing. She was restored by Beaton’s in 1984 to original design. The slow tweaking of the A-Class fleet over the years has left her relatively heavier than her competitors and in need of her present transformation.

Lotus forward
Note the lightening holes in the floors and the ply web frames. The only structural wood left over from her 1926 construction are her sheer and bilge clamps.