Chilly today,

but warm below. Continued with Tilman’s Mostly Mischief, covering his voyage to Bylot Island from Upernivik, Greenland. It’s a significant chunk of rock and ice next to Baffin Island, at about 74 degrees North. It’s Tilman’s desire to cross the glacier covering most of Bylot. A map of the island and Tilman’s camps follows along with other recent pics:

Bylot Island
A map of Bylot Island showing (trust me) Tilman’s camps across the island.

Tea today
Tea this morning.

Lotus mast
Herreshoff like straping on Lotus’s refinished mast.

Dawn at our house last week.


Another warmish weekend,

but cool enough for a fire and tea both Saturday and today. Wind today SSE, 12 to 15kts. Pics follow but first a link to something new and probably inevitable, Blog TV . Yes, now you can watch noted Bloggers debate on your computer.

Lotus boom end
Lotus has a new boom. Note the outhaul sheeve and box. The working end of the outhaul is led internally and exits near the gooseneck.

Moaning chair
One of the “moaning chairs” in the wood shop at Beatons.

Tea today
Todays tea and the usual healthy splash of Pussers.

Truly! The quote visible next to the cup reads as follows:

“I will tell you naught for your comfort,
Yes, naught for your desire,
Save, that the sky grows darker yet
And the seas rise higher.”

This is from the concluding part of Mischiel in Patagonia which describes the leg home from Bermuda. The weather became very nasty, eventually resulting in the boom breaking. In classic Tilman fashion, after the broken boom was secured on deck, he sawed off about a foot or so from each end to save the fittings. The rest was tossed overboard as they were only a week or so from home.

This is more like it…

…brisk breezes from the NNE about 8 to 10 kts, about 45. Water too low to consider going for a sail.

Also today is my first born’s Birthday. Happy B-day Jeff!

Finished another chapter in Mischief in Patagonia with Tilman and crew sailing from Valpariso to Panama. A soldiers breeze after a refit from the abuses suffered in the channels. Had a fire and tea as usual.

More progress on Lotus with work on her new boom. Pics follow:

Lotus boom
Here is the aft end of the boom showing the solid plug with a slot for the outhaul sheeve. This boom will rectangular in section with walls of 3/4″ Sitka spruce. Note the tapered ends facing forward. This is done to avoid a hard spot.

Lotus boom
Here is the center plug where the forward end of the sheet block bridle is attached.

Lotus boom
And here are the three other sides, ready to be fit. They are scarfed to make up the 29′ length of the A-Cat boom.

Unseasonable today…

..but more Winter like tomorrow. About 45 degrees today, wind 8 to 10 SSW, building later. Had a quick fire and tea after restocking the wood basket with shop scraps. (Nothing like shop dried cedar and white oak for a quick fire.) Pics from today and last weekend follow:

Today’s fire. The note paper has plans for a galley box to be located on the bulkhead.

First snow
First significant snow of the year last weekend.

Next Flatfish
The form for the next Flatfish is now in the woodshop and the patterns are being sorted out. Charlotte will soon have a sister. In the foreground is the bench seat for Lotus

Varnish build-up on Lotus.

Chain plate
Sjogin’s chain plates. Note the letters stamped into each one; AP is aft port, PF is port forward. This was done by the builder.

Julia in front of the fire last weekend.

Lotus progress

Took a few pics of the progress on Lotus this past weekend. She’s almost ready for the varnish and paint shop.
No sailing this weekend but the Bay is still open. Had a fire and tea both days. Finished another chapter in the Tillman book; check out the chart of the Calvo glacier. Rough country.

Note the size of the centerboard trunk.

Spanish Cedar seat
New Spanish Cedar cockpit seats. Light and hopefully strong enough.

Random tools. Check out the custom scraper blade handle.

Calvo Pass
Finally, here’s a snap of the area in Patagonia H. W. Tillman and his climbing party explored.

Last sail of 2005

Went out with Tom Beaton for the last sail of 2005. Also some late Christmas pics.

Ready to go, stove drawing well, waiting for Tom. Wind was ENE about 4 to 6, 34 degrees with an occasional spritz of drizzle.

Beaton's astern
You’re looking at David Beaton and Sons, West Mantoloking.

Tom Beaton
Here’s Tom Beaton, David’s grandson, watching Sjogin take care of herself as the family boat yard is framed in the open hatch.

Our Christmas tree this year. Use by date of January 1st.

Party elf
“OK, her eyes are covered, let’s PARTY!” Inspired decorating by my son.

Saturday Morning, December 3rd

A quick visit this morning as we have a wedding to attend this afternoon. Clear and cold about 30 or so. Strong WNW winds 15 to 22 kts. Enough time for a brew-up and a bit of toasted sausage and provolone bread along with another chapter in Mischief in Patagonia

Tea 12.03.05
Tilman, tea and a quick fire.

Sjogin in slip 12.03.05
Sjogin in her slip. Too much wind and too little time for a sail today.

Lotus cabin beams
The just faired cedar cabin beams on Lotus. The cabin decking will be two layers of glued 4mm pyl with carbon fiber stiffening.

Saturday Morning, November 26th

Still cold, about 30 or so when I left at 9:30, wind SW 4 to 8. High clouds, mackerel sky. SAWMC. (Sky associated with major change.) Mostly hove to on St’bd E of Swan Point, then beat over to First Creek and HT on Port. Kept the hatch and drop board in place which helped the draw. No real puffbacks today.

Ran down to MYC and gybed over to Port for the reach home and a firm landing. Pics follow:

The catboat Myth, replicated by John Brady of the Independence Maritime Museum Boatshop in Philadelphia. The original was built in the 30’s and is the municipal symbol of Bay Head.

Myth off Swan Point Myth off Swan Point.

Bound Tiller
A new technique for binding the tiller when hove to.

Iced tea
Iced tea anyone?

Post Thanksgiving Morning at Beaton’s

Here are some snaps from today. First seriously cold morning on Sjogin. Cranky fire and just enough wood smoke to season the cabin air.

11.25.05 Tea and fire
A good draw, wind out of the WSW about 15 to 22. Note the ships hatchet on the chopping block to the left. Shop scraps and split fire wood cut into 3″ chunks feeds the Sardine.

Today’s reading
Another H. W. Tilman book, Mischief in Patagonia. I’ve been working through his books over the last few years. Classic self deprecating, tongue in cheek, slogging on through the bergy bits Brit style. Great stuff.

Lotus, one of the original 1920’s A-Cats, currently entering the finishing stages of her weight loss program. Lotus has lost about 800 pounds, mostly due to the use of ply web frames and spruce and cedar framing. She was restored by Beaton’s in 1984 to original design. The slow tweaking of the A-Class fleet over the years has left her relatively heavier than her competitors and in need of her present transformation.

Lotus forward
Note the lightening holes in the floors and the ply web frames. The only structural wood left over from her 1926 construction are her sheer and bilge clamps.